Childrens Classes

In additon to having a long history of instructing children in the martial arts, Instructor "Soke" Baisch has also worked for, and been involved with, several businesses that focus on the constructive development of children. He believes that in order to build a responsible and productive adult, the foundation for that development starts at childhood.

For childrens classes, safety and an appreciation for the fun of learning in an age appropriate environment is our primary focus.. This is done in a motivating atmosphere, using positive reinforcement, while maintaining a sense of discipline to help them grow the proper mentality to prosper as a responsible adult.

Our Childrens curriculum starts off with some of the standard techniques taught in many different martial arts. Combining the lesson that training can be both challenging and fun, students are taught the importance of forethought, goal setting, respect, and self-discipline. Included with these valuable ideals, education in Abduction Awareness and Bully Prevention are the most important things we want to pass on to your children.

As students grow into their training, they will learn to make the important life lessons taught in the martial arts part of their everyday routine.

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