Class schedule:


5p - 6p: Childrens Class

6p - 7:15p: Adult Class

7:30p - 9p: Womens Self-Protection Class (Shieldmaiden)*


5p - 6p: Childrens CLass

6p - 7:15p: Adult Class

7:30p - 9p: Women’s Self-Protection Class (Shieldmaiden)*

*Our Shieldmaiden Course will start again this Summer, stay tuned for further information and registration!


Drop In: 

You are welcome to drop in for a class! Drop in rates are $25 cash or credit.

*Please note this applies to all regular Children and Adult classes. Drop-in rates may vary for special events such as our Childrens Empowerment Summer Camp, Women's Self-Protection (Shieldmaiden) Courses, Seminars, etc.


Phone: 571-418-0762



We are located at Deepwood Vet Clinic (at the top of the Barn) in Centreville, VA, the address is: 7300 Ordway Rd., Centreville VA.