Hi guys! Because I've found myself recommending so many different reading materials and different products to our students, I decided to create this page to make it easier for you guys to find (and remember!) my recommendations. I've also created affiliate links to Amazon or to our Plum Dragon Affiliate site so that, should you order straight from these links, Paladin will get a percentage and we can be one more dollar closer to getting our very own school.

Please note: While we may recieve a percentage from any Amazon or Plum Dragon links, the *only* reason I am recommending these products is because I use them and have found that they work for me, and have worked well for others. 

If you have any questions, never hesitate to ask. You can grab me before or after class, or shoot me an email at: info@paladinmartialartsfederation.com

-Jen (AKA "red")

Co-Founder & COO of Paladin martial arts federation

Recommended reading

The Gift of Fear: Gavin DeBecker

Recommended reading for all of our Women's Self-Defense students, this book is a great read for all students. Trust your intuition and always be aware of your surroundings. Fear can be a gift, and we should learn how to harness that gift.

Fight Like a Girl And Win

Our Number 1 Recommended Reading for our Women's Self-Defense Class (and required reading to advance to our Level 3 course), this is a MUST read for all of our female students, their female friends and family members. This is the best women's self-defense book I've ever come across and I can not recommend this enough, it's worth every penny.

Training for Sudden Violence: Rory Miller

This is a quick and easy read that also reinforces a lot of the different principles that Master John teaches in class. 

The Martial Artist's Book of Yoga

We already incorporate yoga into our warm-up stretches, and if you've known me for long, you know that I came to love yoga and recommend it (or at least some of the moves) to many of our students. It's not just about meditation and breathing, but about building strength in ways that can highly benefit your Gaia Chuan practice. Yoga is the Yin to Gaia Chuan's Yang.

RECOMMENDED Training/Fitness Products


For those of you that have ever attended one of our Womens Self-Defense Classes, you may notice some of these products from our give-aways.

Building hand/finger strength

These products are great for Palm and Panther Techniques, as well as general grip strength. Make sure to order the Gripmaster in the strength that works best for you. I started out with this one, and it worked great to build up from there.




I came across Nutiva products during my search for a Gluten Free protein to add to my smoothies that didn't have any fillers in them which was especially hard to do with hemp protein. Gluten Free, USDA Organic and part of the Non-GMO Project, this company has excellent products backed by a great mission. You can often find these same exact products at places like HomeGoods and Marshalls for discounted rates.

To find out more about hemp protein, click here. To read more about why coconut oil is awesome click here. Why chia seeds? Click here. 

I use all three of these products in my daily morning or afternoon smoothies. 

Below are some additional products that I personally use. Amazon has great prices on them, but you can often times find them at places like HomeGoods and Marshalls for discounted rates off of what you can find online. 

Read more about the benefits of raw cacao (pronounced Ka-KOW) here. Find out why Sunbutter (made from Sunflower Seeds) is awesome (and great for those of you who need to be nut-free.) here. This Ninja featured here is the one I've been using daily for 3 years now. For smoothie recipies that use the products listed in this section, and have been tried and true by yours truly, keep scrolling down!

All Natural products for healing & health

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Clean eating that tastes good

Smoothie recipes

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food for health

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