John Baisch, Founder & Martial arts trainer

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 Founder, ("Soke" in Japanese) John Baisch has been a lifelong student of the martial arts. 

Gaia Chuan was created by Soke over the past 30 years of his martial arts teaching experience and continues to expand and refine itself. It is a Living Martial Art, that grows and constantly evolves.

When asked what was the greatest lesson he ever learned from the martial arts, his answer is "Never forget who you were, the first day you stepped into a Dojo." 

Jennifer Pool, Co-Founder & COO

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Jen Pool was a student of Soke's 20 years ago when she first entered a dojo to learn TaeKwonDo. From there she went to serve in the United States Marine Corps, start her own business, lead the Communications Team for a local anti-trafficking non-profit, and helped to co-found Paladin Martial Arts Federation. She’s currently the Chair of the Board for a nationwide anti-trafficking organization, and a Board Member and Communications Director for local non-profit WHY Incorporated.  Her passion lies in empowering other women to learn how to stand up for themselves and fight back when needed. You'll find her taking class alongside Paladin's students Tuesday through Sunday, and bringing her own daughters to Paladins Kids Classes. She's also the Coordinator for our Women's Self-Defense Courses.