John Baisch, Founder & Martial arts trainer

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 Founder, ("Soke" in Japanese) John Baisch has been a lifelong student of the martial arts. 
Soke started martial arts training at the age of 8 in Isshin Ryu Karate.  At age 10 he started training at World Class Taekwondo Federation and started teaching all ages at the age of 13 years old. His love for martial arts study has lead him to experience well over 2 dozen different styles and training methods from all over the world.

While learning from different systems, Soke realized that most of them tend to focus on only one or a few approaches to combat and self protection. Some systems focused on kicking or striking, other focused on trapping or grappling. Each being a reflection of the preferences of the creators of those styles. While each martial art had it's own principles and focus, many times that meant they left themselves vulnerable to different things.

From that point on it was Soke's goal to create a complete system of martial arts that allowed the student to find their best fit of techniques. That goal sent him on a journey for the next 20 years, until finally he created Gaia Chuan.

Yet, this was not the end of the journey, just the beginning. Gaia Chuan continues to expand and refine itself. It is a Living Martial Art, that grows and constantly evolves.

When asked what was the greatest lesson he ever learned from the martial arts, his answer is "Never forget who you were, the first day you stepped into a Dojo." 

Even though Soke has been teaching martial arts for almost 30 years, he always considers himself a lifelong student. He is always working on expanding his knowledge and training, in order to share his new experiences with his students.

Jennifer Pool, Co-Founder & COO

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Jen Pool was a student of Soke's 20 years ago when she first entered a dojo to learn TaeKwonDo. From there she went to serve in the United States Marine Corps, start her own business, lead the Communications Team for a local anti-trafficking non-profit, and helped to co-found Paladin Martial Arts Federation.  Her passion lies in empowering other women to learn how to stand up for themselves and fight back when needed. You'll find her taking class alongside Paladin's students Sunday through Wednesday, and bringing her own daughters to Paladins Kids Classes. She's also the Coordinator for our Women's Self-Defense Courses.