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Paladin Martial Arts Federations (PMAF) Level 1 Women's Self-Defense Course has been designed by Founders John Baisch and Jen Pool to help women take ownership over their own protection, and provide a safe and empowering way to learn how to do so. PMAFs Level 1 course is designed specifically for defending yourself while standing. Many other courses start out teaching self-defense on the ground or in a grappling position but we believe that, if properly learned, practiced, and executed, any woman should be able to defend themselves on their feet. 

With almost 30 years of martial arts experience, and a background in personal security, Instructor John Baisch is an expert in self-defense and has worked closely with Program Coordinator Jen Pool to deisgn a Level 1 course that works for all women regardless of height, weight, or physical limitations. Program Coordinator Jen Pool, a USMC Veteran and the Communications Director for Northern Virginia Human Trafficking Initiative, is passionate about fostering a positive, safe, and empowering environment for all women to learn how to defend themselves.

We understand that triggers and past trauma may be a contributing factor in women being hesitant in taking a self-defense course. Our female Program Coordinator, Jen Pool, will work closely with you and with the Instructor and course volunteers to ensure that you feel safe. Past trauma can never be erased, but learning how to defend yourself in a positive and safe setting can be a powerful tool in the healing process.

For questions or additional information, please email: info@paladinmartialartsfederation.com